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KC Care Consultancy offer a wide range of services to care providers to ensure safe and effective care is delivered by well-trained and supported staff.

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KC Care Consultancy is led by Chantal Kirkland who is a highly experienced professional in the care sector, having worked within it for 30+ years.

Throughout her career, she has held many senior management positions ranging from Quality and Compliance to Regional Operations.

She has led the decommissioning and commissioning of large nursing homes and setting up a rehabilitation unit with the NHS.

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KC Care Consultancy is a leader in providing support to care providers and local authorities in the UK. Our team of experienced professionals brings expertise in a variety of areas including Quality Management, Staffing and Recruitment.

This makes us the perfect partner for any organisation looking to develop its service offerings and create a safer caring environment. 

What We Offer.

Our services can be tailored to meet your needs, providing consulting, coaching and mentoring and support that helps to ensure you are following the best possible practices.

We have the reach and resources necessary to assist with both small-scale and large-scale initiatives across the UK.

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Mock Inspections

We will undertake a mock inspection of your service using the same methodology as the regulator.

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Interim Support

We are able to help you cover a range of senior positions on a short or medium-term basis.

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Mentoring registered managers and supporting them with any challenges they may be experiencing.

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Compliance Audits

Compliance audits look at aspects of your service including medication, infection control & care planning.

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Commissioning Support

We can provide support throughout the commissioning stages of your new service.

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Action Plans

If your service has areas of non-compliance,  you will need an action plan to achieve compliance.

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