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What are compliance audits?

Compliance audits are similar to Mock CQC Inspections. The difference is that in compliance audits we look at specific aspects of your service. This may be infection control, medication, care planning, risk assessments etc. You may know which areas require improvement or this could be highlighted as part of a wider inspection.

What do we audit?

We will focus on a specific area of practice to identify what is working well and what needs to be improved. A compliance audit can help you maximise excellence across your organisation in a specific line of enquiry or area of your business.


How do systems, processes and practices safeguard people from abuse?

How are risks to people assessed and their safety monitored and managed so they are supported to stay safe and their freedom is respected?

How does the service make sure that there are sufficient and suitable staff to support people to stay safe and meet their needs?

How does the provider ensure that there are safe systems in place to manage medicines?

How well does the provider protect people by the prevention and control of infection?

How does the provider evidence lessons learned when things go wrong and make improvements?


How are people’s needs and choices assessed and care, treatment and support delivered in line with current legislation, standards and guidance.

How does the service make sure that staff have the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver effective care and support?

How are people supported to eat and drink enough to maintain a well-balanced diet?

How well do staff, teams and services work together to deliver effective care, support and treatment?

How does the service ensure that consent to care and treatment is always sought in line with legislation and guidance?


How does the service ensure that people are treated with kindness, respect and compassion?

Staff listen to people and talk to them appropriately so that they can understand.

Staff know the people they are caring for and supporting including their preferences and personal history.

How are people’s privacy, dignity and independence respected and promoted?


How do people receive personalised care that is responsive to people’s needs?

How are people’s concerns and complaints listened and responded to and used to improve the quality of care?

How are people supported at the end of their life to have a comfortable, dignified and pain free death?


How do your leadership, management and governance systems strive to provide tailored care for each person that is of the highest quality, while also fostering a culture of fairness and encouraging learning and creativity?

How are people engaged and involved in developing the service?

How does the service work in partnership with other agencies?

Our compliance audits

Compliance audits typically take 1 day and our consultant will spend a day in your care service looking at specific aspects of compliance. They will then provide verbal feedback to the person responsible for that area in your care service and provide a report detailing our findings and key actions for you to take.

What happens after the compliance audit?

To optimise performance further, regular audits or mock inspections are recommended and we can help you to achieve this. Ultimately it is down to your own discretion what assistance you need on an ongoing basis.

If you would like to find out more about our care service compliance audits, please contact us.

Two people writing on glass board

Compliance audit FAQs

Here are some of the key questions we are frequently asked about mock compliance audits. If you still have questions contact us today as we would be delighted to speak to you and discuss your business.

The time it takes to complete a compliance audit will depend on the size and complexity of your service and what areas you want to focus on. It will usually involve 1 day of in service work.

Our report will cover any issues or deficiencies which may require rectification and we’ll also provide you with clear guidelines outlining recommended improvements alongside action points.

To optimise performance further, regular audits or mock inspections are recommended and we have devised our commission program to help care organisations achieve this. Ultimately it is down to your own discretion what assistance you need on an ongoing basis.

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